Making Plarn!

October 23, 2018


KindCrafters were at it again last evening! Led by two Girl Scouts, Parker Vanhooser and Emily Nitz, approximately 60 families/groups gathered to make plarn.




What is plarn you ask? It is plastic yarn! The scouts chose this project for their "Silver Award" and partnered up with KindCraft to make it happen! Parker and Emily explained that they chose this project to help protect sea turtles, to reuse plastic bags, and to help the homeless by providing them with plastic mats made out of plarn! 



After a brief introduction and video instructions, KindCrafters gathered their materials-scissors and recycled plastic bags, and got down to work. Thank you to all who donated plastic bags! We made a small dent in this pile!



Everyone had a job-from throwing away scraps, to cutting off handles and making strips-all participants were engaged and having fun. KindCrafters know how to have a good time. Some stretched out their plarn to see how long it was; some threw plarn like confetti.