Save the Sea Turtles-Project Plarn

Emily Nitz and Parker Vanhooser are Girl Scouts that partnered with KindCraft in October for their Silver Award.  Here is a follow up to our last blog post. (Click here if you missed reading the details about Making Plarn with KindCraft.)


Emily and Parker wrote the following write up about their project:



Sea turtles eat plastic bags (mistaking them for jellyfish) that blow into the ocean from landfills. It takes 400 years for one plastic bag to decompose! So, we found an alternate solution to throwing away plastic bags, helping humans in need and helping sea turtles.



We collected single use plastic bags (think Wal-mart grocery sacks). We hosted a workshop with KindCraft ( for families with children of all ages to make plarn (plastic yarn). Check out the event Making Plarn with KindCraft here




We then delivered the plarn to FaithWorks who will crochet the plarn into mats for the homeless in our community. We delivered the plastic scraps and left over plastic bags to Hen House for recycling to keep them from the landfill. Finally, we provided follow up information for anyone interested to continue recycling and/or making plarn.​