KindCraft Enters the "Cone" Zone

November 8, 2018

KindCraft partnered up, once again, with Something To Eat last night. But this time, we entered "The Cone Zone" in order to pack meals for those suffering from food insecurity. And when I say meals, I mean like over 9,000 meals!!! 



This service project takes quite a bit of work to set up. But the Chisholm Trail Thunder Dance Team from Chisholm Trail Middle School in Olathe, KS, were in it for the long haul! They volunteered their time to set up 10 Cone Zone stations, each with a funnel, tubs of packaged cheese, rice, soy, and dried veggies; weighing stations, sealers (along with all the electrical equipment needed for them to stay warm, boxes, gloves, and of course hair nets!  Not only did they work hard, but they did so with a huge smile! 


And after lots of hard work, the middle school cafeteria was transformed into the Cone Zone!!!



KindCrafters arrived and gathered in the theater room for a short presentation including instructions and a video about food insecurity. Stacy Aldridge, wife of our corporate sponsor Greg Aldridge State Farm Insurance, spoke to the group about her families personal involvement in KindCraft, as well as a special program called "Quotes for Good" currently offered by State Farm. If you are interested in obtaining a free quote from State Farm, please contact Greg Aldridge and KindCraft will receive $10 for every quote they give! 


Next, families moved to their assigned tables and sported the always fashionable hairnets and gloves! They were ready to enter the zone-the cone zone that is! The younger kids gravitated towards the funnel because what's better then scooping and pouring into a GIANT CONE, right?!