How To Make a Habit of Volunteering as a Family

November 15, 2018

There are some families that we see at almost every, single KindCraft event. We decided to ask them how they are able to serve every month when their families are just as busy with sports, appointments, traveling spouses, homework, and other extracurricular activities. Why not ask the experts right? They certainly have figured this out! Well here is what they had to say!




Brooke Nelson, mother of three from Gardner, says,  "As the family scheduler/organizer I have just made kindness and participating in service events a priority for our family. I schedule events months in advance and my kids will skip other activities (ex: sports) if needed. Kindcraft activities give me an opportunity to serve with my kids which is huge…as we know modeling is so important in teaching our kids kindness. It’s one thing to talk about serving and being kind, but actually doing activities gives them hands-on, tangible experience…I love it!!!"




Amy Langford, mother of two boys, says,  "Serving is what God calls us to do. I have a servant’s heart and want my children to understand the importance of it. We also live in a community “bubble”, where our children don’t know what it’s like to go without or “need” anything. It’s important for them to know what lies outside of our area and know how important it is to help others. My word for the year is INTENTIONAL and it will be my word moving forward. If you don’t have intention, you can’t teach your goals or withhold your family values.  We decide what’s important and what matters most."