Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

August 1, 2019


At the end of July, KindCrafters from all over held lemonade stands in order to raise money to purchase toy cars for a local charity called Henry's Haul.  


Henry's Haul donates matchbox cars to pediatric patients at Children's Mercy Hospitals in Kansas. The name of the charity comes from Henry R. a sweetheart with a contagious smile, who loved to play on his swing set and enjoyed his grandparents' farm. Henry had Leukemia and in February 2014 he gained his angel wings. "Henry's Haul" was started in August of 2013 during one of Henry's stays at CMH.


Kids still want to be kids even when they're sick. Most kids can play, even if they're confined to their room or even in bed. A simple car can add that smile to their face and perhaps, even for a minute, make their stay a tad better. 


This is KindCraft's second annual event in support of Henry's Haul. Some KindCrafters shared pictures of their stands and trips to the store. Several made fliers to advertise, signs to grab the attention of potential customers, and a few even built their own lemonade stand!!! Below, we will share who held a stand; their location, totals, and reflections from the kids and their parents!




The Windham Hill Community Pool stand was put on by two families. They were able to purchase 325 cars-they cleared out the shelves at Target!!




These boys hosted a lemonade stand in front of their home in Nottington Creek in Olathe, KS. They raised $110 and 5 cars for a grand total of 115 cars. Mom says they enjoyed picking out the cars at the store and she loved seeing her kids actively having fun helping others.



This group of friends held their stand in their neighborhood in Overland Park, KS.  They were able to purchase 80 cars and said they had a lot of fun!  Their parents shared that it was great for them to learn about a charity. It also made them realize the hard work it takes to raise money for something as small as a matchbox car.