Birthday Bags for Foster Children

August 28, 2019

This festive group was hard at work on Friday August 23, 2019. KindCraft families gathered at the Ball Conference Center in Olathe to sort supplies and assemble special birthday bags for foster children served by KVC Kansas.


Our night began gathered together to learn about what it means to be a foster child. KVC's Emily Wheeler told the families about the kids they serve and how not every foster parent is able to have a birthday celebration for each foster child in their care. She talked about how this can be a very scary time for the foster child and that the birthday bags bring comfort and joy to them during this hard time. KindCrafters work is SO important! Thousands of birthday supplies were spread all around the BIG conference room. Children were instructed to sort the items into categories-cake mix, frosting, candles, gifts, paper cups, paper plates, etc. Believe it or not, this is the only picture we have of the sorting!! The kids worked so hard and so efficiently, it was done in a matter of minutes.