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Learn the Lingo!

  • What exactly is KindCraft?
    A non-profit organization that provides monthly service projects for families.
  • What is your mission?
    Our mission is to create a community of compassionate children through engagement and involvement in humanitarian service projects related to aiding, clothing and feeding those in need.
  • What age group is KindCraft geared towards?
    Families with children of all ages–however, everyone is welcome!
  • What is the difference between KindCraft events and other service opportunities?
    When we started KindCraft, our goal was to have a monthly service event for families. Recently, we have had a lot of requests for our group to help at other events in the community as well. We want to provide as many service opportunities as possible for our members, so we created 2 different categories to help people understand what are our events and what are other events we are supporting. KindCraft events are the once a month events that we put on and run & the other service opportunities are events that we are supporting but not organizing or running.
  • Is there a member fee?
    There is not a member fee. We do require volunteers to become a member of our website but there is no fee required.
  • How can I get involved?
    Register for events, donate to the cause, get some Kindness Cards & complete random acts of kindness with your family, invite your friends & spread the word!
  • How do I sign up for events?
    There are two ways to sign up for events. The first way is to click on the RSVP button on the hompage section of "Upcoming Events." Then follow the on screen prompts. The second way is to visit the Get Involved Page and click on "Sign Up". Then follow the on screen prompts.
  • How do I edit my RSVP for an event?
    If you have already RSVP'd yes to attend an event but need to update the number of people attending or you simply can no longer attend, please complete our Update RSVP form.
  • How can I sponsor an event?
    To sponsor a KindCraft event, we ask a minimum of $300 donation to KindCraft. Your sponsorship allows you to be featured on our website, social media pages, and also the opportunity to speak and/or be present at the event. Please contact our President, Courtney Smith, if you are interested in sponsoring an event.
  • What are Kindness Cards and where can I get them?
    We really wanted to encourage our kids to show kindness on a regular basis, in addition to our service events. We also wanted to provide something for families that may not be able to participate in the events for whatever reason that may be. Kindness cards are used to do random acts of kindness for others. For example, you could pay for the customer behind you in a Starbucks line and have the cashier give them the card. You could bake cookies for a local fire station, attach the card and deliver them! Tape a quarter to the card and tape it to a gumball machine at the grocery store. Kids are so creative and I bet they will enjoy choosing how best to use the cards. Try to challenge them to come up with 10 different acts of kindness! The cards serve a dual purpose. They encourage kids to share kindness with others and they also help spread the word about our organization. The “Kindness Cards” come in packs of 10 for a suggested donation of $1.00. You can pick them up at our monthly events but they are also available at: TeaElla (the comfy chic boutique) 14101 W 135th St. Olathe, KS 66062 Finan Chiropractic 9209 W 110th St Overland Park, KS 66210
  • Can I donate?
    Yes! KindCraft qualifies as a 501(c)3 organization and therefore contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law. Many of our events require supply donations. Please visit our Supplies Needed page for a current list of needs. Click here to donate through PayPal.
  • Do we have to own a KindCraft shirt to participate?
    No. The kids love having them but they are not a requirement.
  • Where did the idea for KindCraft come from?
    We were looking for service opportunities for families with kids of all ages and found it was more difficult then we hoped. Our goal, through KindCraft, was to provide an easy way for families to participate in monthly service projects. See our full story here.
  • How can I host a KindCraft event at my location?
    If you are interested in hosting a KindCraft event at your church, school, or place of business, we can come to you! For a minimum donation of $600, we will come to you and run our typical event from your location. This is a great option if you would like to get your coworkers, church members, or school involved in an event. Contact Courtney Smith to discuss logistics!

You've learned the lingo...Now, let's get started! 

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