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Student Ambassador Volunteer Program

KindCraft's Student Ambassador Volunteer program is designed to provide high school students with the opportunity to gain and utilize valuable leadership skills while making a difference in their community.

This is a great opportunity to do something good AND make an impact. By assisting at our events, you will learn about many local nonprofits doing great work in our area. You will also have the opportunity to work with children! We are looking for motivated, dependable, hard-working teenagers. We want you to be committed to the ideas and mission of KindCraft. 


KindCraft ambassadors will take part in many aspects of each monthly event, including but not limited to helping to set up/take down supplies for the event; greeting guests and checking them into our registration system, facilitating activities, helping families with multiple children, and helping with directions. We would also LOVE to eventually have you take on even more of a leadership role and help with planning future event ideas, reaching out to the community for project ideas, and even leading your own service project.

Why Become a KindCraft Student Ambassador? 

The reasons to become a Student Ambassador include:

  • An opportunity to do something big and make an IMPACT.

  • Looks great on your college/grad school/job applications.

  • We have a lot of FUN at our events!

  • Gain valuable knowledge and leadership skills useful for life after graduation

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