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Project Guide for the

GivingTuesdayKids: KindCraft UNselfie Project

The goal of our GivingTuesdayKids: KindCraft UNselfie Project is to empower KIDS to take action and participate in GivingTuesday. At KindCraft, we believe that #thefutureiskindness and that age has nothing to do with a person’s capacity to make a difference. 


KindCraft is partnering with GivingTuesday for our GivingTuesdayKids: KindCraft UNselfie Project.


KindCraft is providing this guide to parents and kids (plus their teachers, coaches and mentors) to empower KIDS to participate in the GivingTuesday world-wide event.  Kids, please always ask an adult for permission before using the computer, social media or making phone calls.

Stay Connected

Please join our Facebook Event GivingTuesdayKids: KindCraft UNselfie Project to stay up to date on news and discussion.  

Please follow @KindCraftKC on Facebook and Instagram.  Feel free to DM us on any social media or email if you have any questions.


A special thank you to our GivingTuesday KIDS UNselfie Project sponsor, Winebrenner Designs LLC and the support they have provided KindCraft. Winebrenner Designs LLC has been instrumental in launching the GivingTuesday KIDS UNselfie Project website, the design of all supporting program materials, and providing child wristbands to participants.

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