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Step 4: Share Your Project

The goal of our GivingTuesdayKids: KindCraft UNselfie Project is to empower KIDS to take action and participate in GivingTuesday. At KindCraft, we believe that #thefutureiskindness and that age has nothing to do with a person’s capacity to make a difference.

Download and Print

Download and print the KindCraft UNselfie KIDS GivingTuesday share sign by clicking on the image below.  

KC_UNselfie Share Sign.jpg

Write on the Sign

I am _____________________________  for my GivingTuesdayKids: KindCraft UNselfie Project.

Take a Picture

The picture can be just the sign, your child holding the sign, your family holding the sign, or any variation you prefer. Tag it  #kindcraft, #kindcraftkc, #thefutureiskindness, #givingtuesdaykids, and #givingtuesday and upload it to your Instagram and/or Facebook from now until November 30, 2021.


We are encouraging participants to use the #thefutureiskindness hashtag to create social media buzz for KindCraft, amplify our reach by expanding our normal audience and encourage new donors to get involved! 

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