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Skate for Kate

KindCraft loved getting to support Kate through this opportunity to serve as volunteers at the Skate for Kate event, where they raised funds for Kate’s many medical bills. Kindcraft volunteers helped set up for the event, the silent auction, handed out popcorn & water, put temporary tattoos on kids, supervised the kids around the track, & ran a first aid station. It was a fantastic event and something we are so blessed to support!

Kate is currently a 10 year old student at Sunnyside Elementary. She was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 5 weeks old. C.F. is a disease that affects the lungs, pancreas and kidneys. Kate currently does 4 hours of breathing treatments a day and takes on average 30 pills a day to try to maintain her health. She has worked very hard battling C.F., including spending over a month in the hospital this last year on I.V. antibiotics. Kate is a C.F. warrior and we are very proud of her! Kate is a highly creative girl who loves painting, golf, and running, and dreams of one day becoming an elementary school teacher or doctor.

Keep dreaming and fighting precious girl! We support you 100%!

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