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Gillis School Supply Drive

On July 18, we met at the Gillis Main Campus and assembled school supply kits for the students at Gillis this fall. The school supply drive was a great opportunity for the families that attended to get to package the supplies up for the kids and also get to tour Gillis and learn a lot about what their organization does for Kansas City. There were 34 families that attended the event and about 65 families that donated supplies but were unable to make it. We had so much support from not only our community, but there were also people shipping us supplies from Amazon that live in several states outside of Kansas & Missouri. KindCraft was able to collect enough supplies for each of the 130 students at Gillis. Yeah!!!

Here is some information about Gillis:

Their mission is to help at-risk children and families reach their potential through education, counseling and social services. For over 40 years, Gillis School has provided educational and therapeutic services to children. We are licensed to provide services for emotional disturbance, specific learning disabilities, autism, other health impairment, mental retardation, speech or language impairment, and traumatic brain injury to children who do not have the skills to function successfully in a public school setting. Gillis School accepts boys and girls between the ages of five and twenty-one with below average to above average intellectual abilities. Currently we educate 130 students.

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