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Dining in the Dark

Dining in the Dark was an amazing opportunity to not only raise funds for the Foundation Fighting Blindness but also for families to get a brief experience in what the visually impaired community must work with on a daily basis to accomplish even some of the most basic things. It was a huge success and an event that all the families enjoyed.

The money raised will support the Foundation's urgent mission to drive the research that will discover treatments, preventions, and cures for the entire spectrum of retinal diseases, including retinitis pigments (RP), macular degeneration, and Usher syndrome. They have never been closer to a cure than they are today; there is real hope for the more than 10 million Americans who suffer from these blinding diseases.

This is an organization and cause which is close to us, as Courtney's sister-in-law, Heather Napolitano is affected with Auto Immune Retinopathy and is losing her vision. Many of us know of friends and/or family members that are affected with vision loss and blindness and we so appreciate all your support!

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