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Jadon's Hope 5th Annual Bug Run

Supporting local people doing really amazing things is one of our favorite parts of KindCraft. We love introducing people and educating people about what is going on right here in our community and how we can make an impact for them! KindCraft was so blessed to be a part of the 5th Annual Bug Run! Jadon and his family are such an inspiration to all of us!

Jadon Burks; aka “The BUG” was diagnosed with the terminal disease Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) on his 2 month Birthday. The news was overwhelming (to say the least) and while Jadon’s parents, Tony and Kristin, felt hopeless they were surrounded by incredible people, given good information, and became a part of an amazing “SMA family”. While they battle this disease daily they hope to help others facing this seemingly devastating diagnosis. Jadon’s Hope was formed to make an impact in the fight against SMA and to help families “Dance in the Rain.

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