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Be My Neighbor Day

It was a beautiful day for some rock painting! On Saturday, October 13, 2018, hundreds of families gathered to focus on being kind by participating in a variety of activities at KCPT's Be My Neighbor Day held at the Toyota Plaza in Children's Mercy Park.

KindCraft was one of about 12 stations that offered a hands-on activity for children. Kids put on smocks and got messy! Beautiful rocks were painted by all-preschoolers, school aged kids, parents, and grandparents. After painting their masterpiece, kids brought their wet rock over to our drying table and participated in other activities at the event. It was fun to see them come back to find their shiny piece of art dry and waiting for them. The look of pride on their faces was priceless.

The kids will take their rock to a favorite park and hide it for someone else to find. We hope that the rock will brighten a neighbor's day. The finder is asked to post a picture of the rock to social media with the hashtag #KindCraftrocks and then re-hide the rock for the next person to find. We are excited to hear about the joy the rocks spread so if you find one, be sure to tag KindCraft!

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