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A KindCraft Reflection

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Recently we asked a few families who have been participating in monthly KindCraft events regularly over the last few years to reflect on their journey of participating in our monthly service projects. Cyndi DeMaio, KindCraft mother of three children, shared her thoughts with us.

"We are so grateful to be involved in such an amazing organization. It has really opened my children's eyes to those in need of not only services, but just a little bit of kindness."

"They are truly excited to participate in each community service activity, learn about it and then spread a little kindness."

"Sometimes I feel the volunteer world can be a little overwhelming especially for kids, but KindCraft makes it so easy by setting the place, time, and activity."

"They have learned so much from each different activity and now get excited sometimes remembering the organization from the prior years!"

"There is so much positive, I really can't think of anything to change! The excitement and joy of Kindcraft makes me seek out even more activities for my family. I would love to do even more!! Thanks for all you do! KindCraft is truly an amazing organization!!"

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Cyndi and THANK YOU for making kindness a priority in your family :)

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