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How to Host a Diaper Drive (including a toolkit!)

Hosting any type of donation drive can feel overwhelming at first. But by following a few simple steps, we know you and your kids can do this! A little planning up front will go a long way. If you are guiding your child through this process, we suggest downloading the toolkit and reading through the process BEFORE introducing the project to your kids.

Download the ENTIRE toolkit here:

Diaper Drive Toolkit
Download • 3.65MB


Depending on the age of your kids, you may want to plan a few sessions to work on this for just 10-15 minutes at a time, or if your kids are older, they may be able to focus for longer periods of time. We have broken our toolkit down to FOUR major steps: Prepare, Spread the Word, Host the Drive, and Follow up.

To download the overview, click below:

Download PDF • 317KB



Preparing for your drive is probably the most important step of all! First, your kids will need to find a need to fill. In this case, we have found a need for you-diapers! If you do another drive in the future, you could call around to local organizations to ask what items they may in need of.

Research: What am I collecting and WHY?

Its very important for your kids to understand WHY the item is needed and this is where the research comes in. Why is the item needed? What impact will be made if you collect the needed item? What exactly is needed? Part of your research will involve setting a realistic goal. Your child may say they want to collect 1000 diapers but they might only be able to think of 3 families to ask for donations. Looking into the cost of diapers, as well as their target audience are strategies that will help them determine a realistic goal. This is such a great life long skill!

To get you started in the right direction, here is a link to information on Rick's Kids, the organization we are donating to. There is also lots of information regarding why diapers are needed, facts of diapers in both Missouri and Kansas, as well as a Diaper Drive Reflection sheet and word finder for younger kids! Click here to start your research!

This is a picture of Rick and his family. Rick was the inspiration for Rick's Kids.

We also have provided you with a Diaper Drive Preparation sheet that you can use to take notes as you do your research. To download and print the note taking sheet, click below.

Diaper Drive Preparation
Download PDF • 1.12MB

The Details!

Now that you know a bit about why diapers are so needed, its time to plan the details of the actual drive. Will you have an in person drive? Or will you host a drive online and have people donate money or just drop off diapers? When will have your drive? Where do you want people to drop off diapers? Will you set up in your neighborhood or maybe even at your child's upcoming camp? Where else could you possibly host a drive?

We have provided you with a Diaper Drive Details sheet that you can use to take notes as you brainstorm the details of your drive. To download and print the note taking sheet, click below.

Diaper Drive Details
Download PDF • 1.13MB


Spread the Word

Now that you have done some preparations, it is time to tell everyone all about it!! But who can you ask? Start where you are comfortable-maybe relatives or close friends. Then ask your neighbors, coaches, scout leaders. You will have to decide HOW to ask-do you want to make personal phone calls? Or maybe post your drive on social media. Check out our Spread the Word page of the toolkit for more ideas on getting the word out!

To download a copy of the Spread the Word sheet, please click below:

Spread the Word
Download PDF • 308KB

Sample Letter

You might even consider sending a letter through email. We have provided you with a sample letter that you can use for your email.

To download a copy of the Sample Letter, please click below:

Sample Ask
Download PDF • 322KB


Host the Drive

You have done so much hard work and now it is time for the really fun part! Hosting the actual drive. Be sure to think of all the supplies you might need to bring. Look and act professional and try using the word "today" when asking for donations.

To download a copy of the tips for hosting an in person drive, please click below:

Host the Drive
Download PDF • 322KB

You will want to be sure you have a collection box that is clearly labeled so people know where to drop the diapers! You can make one on your own or use this one we made for you!

Drop Diapers Here sign - Kindcraft
Download PDF • 118KB


Follow Up:

After your drive is over, its a good idea to reflect on how it went. What do you think went well? What are you most proud of? If you could do something different next time, what would it be?

Also, its fun to collect some data! How many diapers did you collect? Did you meet your goal? Who donated and how can you thank them? Use our Diaper Drive Follow Up sheet to take notes and stay organized.

To download a copy of the Diaper Drive Follow Up sheet, please click below:

Diaper Drive Follow Up
Download PDF • 1.13MB

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right words to thank someone. Here are some suggestions that you might use!


Tips and Tricks

Finally, we wanted to share a few tips and trips to make your diaper drive unique to you!! If you come up with other ideas, be sure to let us know!

We are SO very proud of you! Hosting a diaper drive is a LOT of work and you did it! We would love to hear all about your drive so please consider sharing stories and pictures with us!

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