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Kids Can Spread Kindness While Social Distancing

We wanted to provide you with some ideas for sharing kindness with others during this time of isolation. Although we are sad to not be able to meet in person for our monthly service projects, we wanted to empower you with ways that your family can share kindness within your community during this challenging time.

We admit, at first, we felt defeated when it came to empowering those around us to serve others as news of the COVID-19 virus began to really impact our daily lives. We have a special place in our hearts for the elderly, who at first, seemed to be the most vulnerable. We wanted to send them letters but were scared of the unknown potential of the virus to spread through the mail.

We wanted to help with food collection and distribution to those who rely on school to provide daily meals. But the fear of encouraging families with young children to be out and about increased our fears of spreading the virus unknowingly to others as we learned that people can be asymptomatic but still carry the disease.

To say we felt helpless and defeated is an understatement. But then, we realized, some of the simplest activities can be the easiest to implement and the ones that bring the most joy to others. Kindness is contagious, just like the virus is. We want to spread kindness, not the virus, so how can we do that from home while practicing safe social distancing?

We realized we can bring smiles to those around us as they go for walks around the neighborhood! We encouraged KindCrafters to "Chalk Your Walk" and have been blown away by the kindness, creativity, and participation of families literally across the country.

Chalk Your Walk

All you need to chalk your walk is a sidewalk or driveway and some chalk! Check out the most beautiful patterns and words of inspiration pictured below from our very own KindCrafters. Oh and bonus, they LIKE doing this activity; it takes TIME, and they get the opportunity to use art to be creative, all while spreading kindness.

As kids in our neighborhood started to chalk their walk, we began to see social media posts saying things like, "Hey-I saw that on my run :)" and neighbors sharing ideas on patterns and tips to make beautiful designs. It gave us something to focus on besides the news. The bright colors remind us to find the positive. Siblings worked TOGETHER to create designs and this also provides the opportunity for families to talk about the importance of lifting others up.

KindCraft families also participated in the WORLDWIDE movement "A World of Hearts." Families from all over the globe are decorating their windows with colorful hearts. Although we are isolated right now, we are truly all in this together. We hope you find joy in these activities!

Hopefully, having all of these ideas in one place will inspire your kids with some ideas for how they can spread kindness to others. We will be sending you more ideas soon for how to spread kindness while practicing safe social distancing!

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