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Sack it for Santa 2022

LoveFund's Sack it for Santa program provides presents to local teenagers for the holiday season. For the third year in a row, KindCraft chose Fox4 Love Fund Sack it for Santa program as its November service project. Our mission is to create a community of compassionate children through hands on service projects. KindCraft families had the opportunity to further develop compassion and empathy for underprivileged teens through thought-provoking discussion questions (below) and shopping for a special teen.

The Love Fund for Children has a mission of helping build a stronger Kansas City Community in which every child lives a life without need. One of their many programs is called Sack it for Santa. The majority of the teens who receive the bags from Sack it for Santa are underprivileged. For most, the bag is their only gift. Many come from single-parent homes or live with grandparents/guardians.

Most agencies/churches/programs focus on toys for younger children. Sack it for Santa only distributes bags to children aged 12-18 who are often overlooked or don't qualify. It has been identified that disadvantaged teens are always forgotten during holiday time. They are dealing with harsh life situations and very fragile egos. Through Sack it for Santa, hundreds of teens will get to have a Christmas even though their families can't afford it.

This year the bags were packed according to four themes: Art, Games, Spa/Beauty, and Sports. The Love Fund for Children identifies disadvantaged teens around the city, both in Kansas and Missouri. Then they make sure that the special sack gets distributed to just the right teenager.

Sports Theme Examples

  • Football/basketball/soccer ball

  • Drawstring bag

  • Refillable water bottle

  • KC teams pennant/socks/poster

Art Theme Examples

  • Sketch pad (100+ pages)

  • Modeling clay

  • Craft kit Art supplies: markers, paints, brushes, colored pencils

  • Adult coloring book

Game Ideas

  • Board game

  • Trivia game

  • Card game

Spa/Beauty Ideas

  • Scented body wash, lotion and scrub

  • Face masks

  • Manicure set

  • Lip gloss set

  • Stretchy headbands

We LOVE when families send us pictures of their shoppers :) These cute kids look like they are very proud of the gifts they chose. The hardest part is not being able to keep the gifts or get ones for themselves :)

Love Fund puts the themed gifts KindCraft donated into a larger gift bag filled with other donations from awesome organizations like The Linus Project who donates handmade fleece blankets. Each bag also has hand warmers, snacks, Bombas socks, Russel Stover chocolates, and other items. It is really cool to see if all come together!

This year, KindCraft donated a total of 180 gifts to the program. It took four trips to drop off all of the items. The staff at the Love Fund is always so gracious and comments about how they love how personalized our gifts are.

Hope you can join us at an upcoming event!

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