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Step 2:  Bring Your Project to Life

You decided on what your GivingTuesdayKids: KindCraft UNselfie Project will accomplish. Next, let’s plan and execute your project.  Grab a notebook, pen or pencil and jot down the answers to the following questions.

Who is going to be involved?

I am doing this alone.

I am doing this with a group of people.

List the names of the people that are going to help you complete your project. 

Names of people who will help me with my project

Mom and Dad

List Names

When is my project taking place?


December 3, 2019 from 4pm to 6pm

I am collecting canned goods. 


Or, from today, November 3, 2019 until Tuesday, December 3, 2019, I am going to spread kindness around my school.

What is your goal?


My goal is to collect and donate 100 canned goods to the food pantry of my choice.


Or, My goal is to bring a smile to 100 people.

What needs to be done?

List each “To do” item and who is responsible for completing the task.  


Remember, even if you are doing your GivingTuesdayKids: KindCraft UNselfie Project alone you may want to list out the things a parent or adult needs to help you do or buy.




It is so important to thank the people that helped you along the way to make your project a success.  A hand written thank you card is an easy way to show your appreciation. Including a photo or drawing that captures the success of your project is a lovely surprise for the recipient.


Other things to think about:

Do you need to contact an organization to get permission to conduct your project or verify that they can accept the donations you collect?  


Do you need permission from a school or business to host a donation drive?

What materials will you need for your project?

Will you need to buy the supplies? 


Who will pay for the supplies?  


Will supplies be donated?  


How will you get donations for your supplies?  

Other things to think about


Use social media to recruit helpers and donations.


You can share your project on social media by taking a picture with our UNselfie Share Sign. Tag it #kindcraft, #thefutureiskindness, #givingtuesdaykids, #givingtuesday and upload it to your Instagram and/or Facebook from now until November 30, 2021.

Ideas to write on your sign to ask for help:


I am looking for volunteers to help me ____________________ for my KindCraft GivingTuesdayKids: KindCraft UNselfie Project.



I am collecting donations for my GivingTuesdayKids: KindCraft UNselfie Project to help _______________________________.

Time to Spread the Word

On the next page we share some design tips on how to spread the word about your project. 

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