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Something To Eat

What an amazing turn out! This event was full within 2 weeks of posting this opportunity! On Feb. 2 we had 300 people show up to package over 12,000 meals that will be distributed to Harvesters to provide something to eat for those in need. It was absolutely amazing to see so many smiles on the kids faces, families working together for the common good, and hear amazing stories about the conversations that are happening with these families. Kids donated their own money, talked to their parents about buying less for themselves and sharing with others, and hearing so many of them say how good it feels to help other people. AMAZING! Thank you again to Sunnyside Elementary for allowing us to use your space!

Click on this link if you would like to know more about the program Something to Eat.

Something to Eat™ is a crisis response, meal packaging program that binds together the privileged and the poor.

It is designed as a socially interactive, tangible way for youth to respond to relief efforts through responsible, low-cost, nutrient-dense meals. A pulsating spirit sweeps over every one of our meal packaging events where youth organize their friends, youth groups, churches and schools. A steady rhythm develops as they heap cups of dry ingredients into funnels and bags, and they seal and they stack.

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