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Sole Hope

It doesn’t matter if you are well known or how many followers you have: whether you have been gifted with crafty skills or don’t have a creative bone in your body. A compassionate heart is all you need to make an impact.

And make an impact they did! Families from all over the area came together to support SOLE HOPE in their efforts to provide shoes for kids who are plagued by jiggers in Uganda. By cutting shoe patterns out of old blue jeans, we will make a tangible difference in children’s lives as this denim will be sewn into shoes by SOLE HOPE’s Ugandan shoe makers.

We hosted a Shoe Cutting Party on March 10 and made about 110 pairs of shoes. We encouraged families to host their own shoe cutting parties and were able to add another 40 pairs of shoes to our contribution. All together we sent SOLE HOPE 150 pairs!!! In addition to the shoes, we were also able to provide them with a box full of medical supplies that will help with their mission of removing the jiggers from the children’s feet. Way to go KindCraft!

We have a heart for serving our own community as well and hosted a shoe drive for Mission Southside as well that night. Our amazing KindCraft families brought 132 pairs of shoes, a whole tub full of brand new socks, & 60 pairs of jeans that we were able to deliver to Mission Southside, who provides families locally with those needs.

You guys are amazing and we love seeing your awesome families at our events! For more information on Mission Southside or SOLE HOPE, click on the links above.

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