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Mission Southside Summer Bags

What a night!! Many families gathered to assemble 500 bags for Mission Southside‘s summer programs. These children were SO enthusiastic about helping! I LOVED watching the kids carry the boxes to the white Mission Southside bus-a task that most wouldn’t enjoy but these kids did so with a HUGE smile on their faces.

A huge thank you to ALL who donated supplies! From individuals who purchased and had supplies shipped or dropped off, to schools that helped collect needed items-we are SO grateful for your support!

Prior to the main event, we had several families come to help set up. The kids and parents worked very hard to make sure our event ran smoothly!! I didn’t get any pictures since we were all working so hard so please send them my way if you have any. Thank you!!

Thank you to our event sponsor, Moon Orthodontics, and Dr. Joe Moon and his wife Dr. Beverly Moon for supporting KindCraft. Dr. Moon talked to the group about the importance of putting a “smile” on others faces. I LOVE the fact that Dr. Moon’s whole family participated in the event! It shows his sincere enthusiasm for community service and spreading kindness!

Thank you to Mission Southside for all you do in the community. What an amazing organization! For more info on how you can volunteer with Mission Southside, please check out

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