Step 1:  Choose Your Project

Find Your Passion

Use the below list to help you figure out your passion. 

What tugs at your heartstrings? That means what makes you feel something. Maybe you feel sorry for someone who is hungry. Maybe you feel sad that a dog was abandoned on the street. Maybe you know someone that has cancer and you feel frustrated that they are so sick.

Helping the environment

Helping the elderly (older people)

Helping the homeless

Helping animals

Supporting servicemen and servicewomen

  • Write thank you cards for first responders
  • Bake cookies and deliver them to the police station
  • Send a colorful card to troops overseas
  • Make a no sew fleece blanket for a child whose parents are overseas
  • Run a Halloween candy drive for troops
  • Add your own idea.

Spreading kindness at school

  • Leave kind messages on lockers
  • Make a friendship bracelet for a friend
  • Eat lunch with someone new
  • Start a kindness club at school
  • Let anyone who wants to play join the game
  • Make a “New Kids” handbook for kids who come to school in the middle of the year
  • Purchase extra school supplies for a teacher
  • Say hello to three new people you’ve never talked to before
  • Ask someone to play at recess
  • Post positive messages on mirrors with post it notes
  • Use chalk to write uplifting messages on the sidewalk/entrance to school
  • Write a note to a former teacher
  • Add your own idea.

Surprising others with kind acts

Helping children who are in foster care

Spreading kindness in your own family

  • Make breakfast for your parents
  • Write your sibling a kind note
  • Put your electronics down and spend quality time as a family
  • Share your toys without whining
  • Offer to do a siblings’ chore
  • Have a device free meal together
  • Forgive a family member
  • Let a sibling go first
  • Read a story to your sibling
  • Call your grandparents
  • Have someone trace you on a big piece of paper and mail a “hug” to your grandparents
  • Add your own idea.

Being a good neighbor

  • Mow your neighbor’s lawn
  • Bring your neighbors cookies
  • Offer to help carry in their groceries
  • Leave happy notes all over your neighborhood
  • Leave flowers on your neighbor’s porch
  • Take your neighbors trash up to their garage for them
  • Ask a neighbor that you don’t usually play with to play!
  • Offer to help with your neighbor’s mail if they are going on vacation
  • Add your own idea.

More KindCraft Resources

Please review the KindCraft Resources page for groups that may need the benefits of your project.  With the permission of a parent, visit the organization's website. Are there ways listed on their website that give you more ideas on how you can help their cause?  Or, with a parent’s permission, call the organization and ask them if they would be interested in the benefits of your project idea.


Narrowing Down Your Ideas

Of the ideas you reviewed above, which one activity made you feel most excited to start right away?  (You can do more but for now, let’s pick just one.)

My GivingTuesdayKids: KindCraft UNselfie Project is

planting trees

to help the environment.

Commit to Your Project

FACT: Studies show that 70% of people who write down their commitment are more likely to accomplish the goal.

You guessed it, we want you to commit to your project choice!

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